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Welcome to the Aging with Grace Podcast, sponsored by Green Hills Community and Universal Home Health and Hospice. We are committed to supporting your personal aging journey. Join us each week to get the information and resources you need to age with grace and dignity.

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DayBreak with Abigail Cook

Thursday Dec 08, 2022

Thursday Dec 08, 2022

Sometimes caregivers need some extra help. DayBreak Adult Day Program at Green Hills Community offers extra help o get you through a season or regularly. 
Abigail Cook phone - 937-650-7161
email -
webpage -
Universal webpage -

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

Hearing the words, you will need a short-term rehab stay, or have you considered long-term care in a nursing home can take the breath from you. There are just so many unknowns. Listen in as Lyndsay, the admissions coordinator at Green Hills, tells you what you need to know when you hear those words. 
You can find Lyndsay at:
phone - 937-650-7114
email -
Green Hills web page -
Universal web page -

Monday Nov 14, 2022

In part two of Isabel's book The Value of Wrinkles, we talk about the sweet spot of knowing our loved ones as they age. Listen in as she shares the importance of knowing and supporting our aging loved ones' wishes and the stories that make them unique. There is so much value in sharing those stories over the years. 
Isabel offers digital classes for individuals, churches, and other organizations to support the best care for loved ones. You can find out more about Isabel here:
web page -
linked in -
IG -
Get her book here -
Find out more about Green Hills Community here:
And Universal Home Health and Hospice:

Monday Nov 07, 2022

Friends, this episode was a treat to record. Isabel wrote the book, The Value of Wrinkles, and it is fantastic! She gets her passion for elders from growing up in a multigenerational home. It wasn't until she graduated from college that she understood the gift she had been given. In this episode, we unwrap how elders can help us in our journey to be healthier. 
Isabel offers digital classes for individuals, churches and other organizations to support the best care for loved ones. You can find out more about Isabel here:
web page -
linked in -
IG -
Find out more about Green Hills Community here:
And Universal Home Health and Hospice:

Monday Oct 31, 2022

Amy Keller, Dietician at Mary Rutan Hospital, has a wealth of information about healthy eating. Today she shares with us tips on nutrition and falling; what to look for, how to stay hydrated, and so much more.
You can find Amy:
The Secret Life of Dieticians Podcast -
Web page -

DayBreak program

Monday Oct 24, 2022

Monday Oct 24, 2022

The DayBreak adult day program has been essential to Green Hills' legacy for years. This episode Phyliss Campbell, a 25-year employee at DayBreak and 30 years at Green Hills, talks about her passion for the program. 
She also discusses the importance of the United Way to her family when DayBreak first opened.

Monday Oct 17, 2022

End-of-life decisions can be confusing and hard to navigate. Karen Schlinglof, director of Universal Home Health and Hospice, can walk you through that journey with accurate and easy-to-understand information. Listen in as she discusses the benefits of hospice and gives some tips on making the best decision for your family. 
Universal Home Health and Hospice web page -
Green Hills Community web page -
Universal Hospice Phone Number - 937-593-1605

Hospice Myth Busters

Monday Oct 10, 2022

Monday Oct 10, 2022

Hospice is such a gift, yet there is so much misinformation about what it is. Listen in as Karen Schlinglof, Director of Universal Hospice, busts some of those myths and give you some tips on how to find a good hospice. 
Universal Hospice Services -
United Way (supporter of Universal Hospice) -
Green Hills Community -

Monday Oct 03, 2022

Today's podcast is exciting as we sit down one last time with Jim Schwind and discuss their new pilot program, The Community Paramedic Program. Jim explains it's benefits and future plans with us.  To find out more call 937-599-7022.
Green Hills - 937-465-5065
Universal - 937-593-1605

Monday Sep 26, 2022

In our second interview with Jim we discuss the Logan County Cancer Society. Join us to learn who they are, what they do and how you can support them. 
You can find them:
You can find more about Green Hills and Universal:


Aging with Grace

We are all aging! We want to help you face the challenges that come as you or your loved one enter the autumn of their lives. Check in each week for tips, resources and latest news that will give you the information you need to age with grace.

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